iRacing.com features many different asphalt oval race tracks, all with precision accuracy and attention to detail. Oval race cars are set up much differently than road courses.

  • If you want to learn my techniques for starting an oval set, then visit my how-to page: start an oval set.

When you are going to set up your iRacing.com racing machine for an oval race track, you will need to understand the basics of which componentsdo what on your car and how these adjustments will affect the handling of it.

There are many different techniques to reach your desired feel and still drive with the same speed than the fast guys, but one of the biggest key points to remember is that the driver is the largest influence on the setup of the race car above everything else.

Let's say the car doesn't feel good to you after 30 laps, but another guy is driving the same setup and loves it and is still fast, try changing your line - or slowing down before corner entry more. If you are tight on entry and center, but loose off - this could be a factor.

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