radar detector

Escort Passport 9500ix

The radar detector that totally changed the business and driving in general.

Putting together one of the most accurate radar/laser detector using its global positioning system and outstanding AI (artificial intelligence).

Comes with technologies such as:

AutoLearn: AI Defense

By using the original source of radar signals by location and frequency, the radar detector, would be able to determine if the signal is a real threat or a false alarm.

When it establishes that the impulses is actually an automated door or activity sensing unit, etc, it immediately locks-out the cause at the specific location.

Considering the fact that a bunch of doorway sensors are usually switched on and off regularly, some variations can happen. When AutoLearn is on, the detector can even unlearn signals to safeguard you from locking out real threats.

The detector will unlock that signal, if a particular signal is no longer present at a location that was previously locked out.

NOTE: AutoLearn commonly has to come across the precise frequency in the same place roughly thrice in order to really lock it out.

And the Truelock System

To lock out bogus notifications some radar detector incorporate the Truelock capability.
To be able to lock out an incorrect alert (K Band, X Band or laser only), hit your silence switch on your radar detector or SmartCord three times during an alert.

The 1st press to stop the alert.

The second press will cause the radar detector to generate a message which says "Lockout?". One third click will verify the lockout.

The radar detector will be able to ignore the very same alert next time you enter this region but will simply indicate your lock-out alert, when it ascertains that the signal had been previously saved.

Just press and hold the silent option when you are experiencing the lock out alert to unlock the actual signal which has been saved.

The actual display will read “Unlock?” Click your detector or SmartCord MUTE option for a second time to un-lock the transmission from hard drive.

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