track bar (panhard bar)

Track bar adjustments are intended for oval chassis.

Any road-course information or base guidelines would be helpful for those looking to set up an oval chassis on a road course.

A quick synopsis gathered from Raceline Central[1]:

  • Both sides:
    • Raising the bar on both ends loosens the chassis.
    • Lowering the bar on both ends tightens the chassis.
  • Right-side:
    • Raising the right side of the bar loosens the car under acceleration, & tightens the chassis under braking.
    • Lowering the right side of the bar tightens the car under acceleration, & loosens the chassis while braking.
  • Left-side:
    • Higher left then right, makes the car push (understeer) under acceleration.
    • Higher right then left, makes the car loose (oversteer) under acceleration.
1. "RACELINE CENTRAL: Ultimate Racing Car Chassis Setup Guide and Tutorial" (Feb. 11, 2010)
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