Editor's note: Information regarding springs and what they do for the car, best practices for choosing, changing, and other factors of what changing springs will do to components such as camber and ride heights for example. Any information related to ovals and road courses should also be included.

I make changes in this game the same as in real life. Ride heights are important for more than just aerodynamics. Changing the ride height can also effect control arm angles, track (panhard) bar height, roll center location, etc. But the main factor we're trying to control here, is cross weight.

Also, it helps to only change one spring at a time. Then you only need to adjust that corner to reset your ride height & cross weight.

  1. Unhook the sway bar & back the preload WAY WAY off. (Or in other words, uncheck "attach left side" and increase the sway bar gap to something that is above 0/16" - the more gap, the safer you are to remain unloaded while adjusting).
  2. Measure the ride height on the corner I'm adjusting. Also knowing the cross weight is good.
  3. Change spring
  4. Make sure the sway bar is still loose / disconnected
  5. Reset that corner's ride height and double check that my cross weight is the same as previously
  6. Reset sway bar so that the sway bar gap is at zero, and reconnect it if desired.
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